Sunday, March 14, 2010

grease lightening

last night while out in Denver hangin at the bars on Broadway i spotted a guy i knew i just had to meet. his name was richie and he was probably in his mid 40s. he looked like he stepped right off the set of Grease. i was so intrigued by his 50s look...he had it nailed...greased hair, cig in ear, pack of cigs rolled up in his white t-shirt sleeve, cuffed jeans with shiny shoes. i asked him if this was his daily look or if he did this just for the bar scene....sure enough this was his everyday look. it occurred to me that style really means something different to everyone...but i'll tell you...richie sure had style, he stood out and i loved his dedication to an era he felt so inspired by. the message i got from richie was to not be afraid to be different with my style....even if its a style from decades ago. cheers to the 50s gentleman richie - he bought myself and my girlfriends a drink and drove off in his 50s ford with dice hanging on the rearview mirror and sherry baby blasting on the stereo. if only i would have taken a picture...

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